Yellow Brick Residency

Residency at Yellow Brick Project Space

Athens, April 2017.

While working at documenta 14, I undertook a residency at Yellow Brick Project Space with the support of the Irish Arts Council. During that time I conducted Breadfellows'Chats with artists, colleagues on the documenta 14 education team, and a group of refugee children. As a gesture of gratitude, the ceramic companions produced during the residency became a set to be used at the gallery as part of its "infrastructure for hosting", when each new residency begins, the artists are welcomed with a meal, using these ceramic companions. The project was also presented during Open Form, an open studio and conversation platform initiated by the curator Denise Araouzou.

The event consisted of video and ceramic installations, a presentation and conversation about the nature of the practice of Breadfellows' Chats, the public were also free to engage in their own Breadfellows' Chats in the gallery. Website available at :

These ceramic companions were included in the Under the Mango Tree programme: an international conference of artist-led learning initiatives curated by Sepake Angiama as part of documenta 14. Website available at :