I Sing the Body Electric - week 1

Breadfellows' Chats

I began the series of four workshops with Breadfellow' Chats. This is a practice of collaboratively making ceramics to use to share a meal, it foregrounds talking, making together and sharing food as intimate gestures of care.

We began the Breadfellows' Chats with a simple, collaborative drawing exercise. The children listed and drew food - they thought about sharing a meal together comprised of the most delicious, disgusting or fantastic food they could imagine.

Working in pairs they shaped the clay into collaboratively made ceramic "companions" of their own design. These ceramics are called companions. Companion means friend - someone or something you spend time with.

The word companion is dervied from the Latin “com”, meaning with and the French “panis” meaning bread, so companion literally means "with bread"; sharing bread together, or breadfellows.